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There are more women working in the event industry than men. . Despite of the fact major workforce in the event industry are women ,  majority of leaders are men. We would not see too many women leaders in the event industry. That is the  biggest challenge for women in the event industry today.

Women are great organisers, meticulous and with an eye for detail. She can handle a client much better than a man. She has a temperament more suited to handling clients as women are generally good at building relationships, which helps in this sector.They can multitask which is core requirement of an event planner.

An unpleasant truth: Women still earn less than men for doing the same job, which is another challenge faced by women in the event industry as well as other industries .

No doubt we have come a long way and the world today is simply embracing of women in the world of business, still gender gap is clearly not closed yet .

Overall, a woman makes about 76 cents for every dollar a man does nationwide .

However, to achieve true equality in the workplace there are still issues to overcome. Research shows that the vast majority of women (69%) feel society ultimately expects them to put family ahead of their careers.

The disparity grows, however, as women age. One popular explanation: motherhood. Women, more often than men, tend to leave the workforce for extended periods to have and raise children. They’re also more likely to leave the office early to pick up the kids or take a day off when a family member is sick.

Mothers in the United States who work full time, year round make an average of $40,000, compared to $56,999 paid to fathers, according to the National Women’s Law Centre.

Gender imbalance is evident in the event industry. Female planners dominate the field, but relatively few have penetrated the upper ranks of executive management.  average salary for women in the event industry is 14% lower than what men earn.

Also women make up 51% of the workforce but only 15% of top management positions. And we know that this number hasn’t gone anywhere significant in the past 10 years

Other Challenges faced by women in the event industry are :

Long working hours , late nights , travelling , lack of flexible working options, scarcity of adequate maternity scheme and cover.

However , In order to have the most productive business environment, we need more types of voices at the table. That can be anything from diversity on a gender level or a racial level. Diversity on all fronts blend to a more creative solution. If we have more different opinions that are getting involved in the debate through the discussions then we’re going to come out with a better outcome which in turn will increase the profits.

Perhaps Event Professionals are well placed to act as ambassadors for women in business. Thanks to the high proportion of women in this industry, we can implement a progressive work culture that encourages success, mentorship, and family/work life balance. Research has estimated that the untapped potential of women in the event industry could be worth millions  of Dollars .


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